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Leadership Development for Women - Business Case

Here are some benefits gained by companies who send employees to a Women’s Leadership Institute program or who offer WLI in-house.

Return on Investment

Firms with the greatest percentages of women executives have an average 35.1% steeper return on equity and offer 34% higher overall return to stockholders over those firms with the lowest percentages of women executives.

Cost Savings
Our women's leadership program helps unblock highly qualified women so that they can perform at their peak. By creating an environment where women can advance, companies avoid the costs associated with replacing women managers who may otherwise leave in search of more amenable workplace. Companies with a reputation for offering leadership development and promotion opportunities for women attract other professionals
to the organization.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency
Women who have been through our leadership development program have increased productivity. They know how to overcome obstacles to become full partners and to work well in teams. WLI women have enhanced and expanded the skills they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

Lead Change
We teach WLI women how to be effective change agents and lead others during difficult times. We teach them how to plan for major change, to tie initiatives into the company’s values and vision, and how to involve employees. WLI also helps top managers shift their company’s culture that in turn will help retain and advance competent leaders.

Reach New Markets
Leadership experts have recognized the value of having a diverse workforce. Diverse teams are better positioned to anticipate the needs of a wider range of consumers. When a company commits to promoting diversity among its decision-makers, it has the ability to capture and profit from varied market segments.

Retain Competent Women Leaders
We have an excellent track record of women who stay loyal to the company that sponsored them in the Women’s Leadership Institute. 75% of our graduates have received promotions. Our leadership development graduates sincerely want to give back to their companies and to their communities.

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