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Show The Way

Throughout history, mentors have assisted apprentices during their passage to the masters’ level. Today, people who are successful in their careers receive guidance, encouragement and advice from more experienced individuals, often called Mentors.

In the Women’s Leadership Institute program, we want every woman to have the benefits of a Mentor-Protégé relationship. At the beginning of the year, each Participant assesses what she needs and wants from a Mentor, expands her list of potential Mentors, and learns how to find and work effectively with one.

The Mentor may be from within the woman's company or from her professional field and either a male or female. The Mentor adds the dimension of politics to each woman’s specific work environment, suggests ideas, and opens doors of opportunity for her.

The Mentor regularly communicates with the Participant’s Coach. Together they help the Participant identify developmental goals, locate resources and opportunities to expand her horizons, and collaborate on barriers to her advancement.

Others observed changes in me including how I drive the team to accountable results, set clear objectives that are tied to measurable results, and how I networked within the company to identify individuals or teams that can help us achieve our goals. From my Mentor, I gained a totally new perspective, a new resource pool, and professional guidance that have proven to be invaluable.

- Barbara Beckner, Director of Wholesale Marketing, Qwest Communications

Barbara Beckner, Director, Wholesale Marketing
Qwest Communications

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