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   Our "Herstory"
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Started on a Napkin!

In 1994, Lois B. Hart, Ed.D. already had 30 years of experience working with all kinds of companies and organizations and was the author of 23 books and tapes.

One day, Lois sketched on a paper napkin a vision for a women’s leadership institute. This simple act served as the catalyst for Lois to move her vision forward.

Research about women in business showed that this substantial sector was an under-developed resource, detrimental not only to women but also to companies that are missing critical opportunities for profitability and growth. Though women comprise over 50% of middle management positions, they hold 14% of executive leadership positions in corporations (Catylist, 2006).

In 1997, a WLI Leadership Team was formed. Various corporate women executives, women leadership development experts, organization development consultants, and curriculum developers spent two years researching, identifying critical leadership skills, and developing the comprehensive WLI model.

By 2006, the charter Women’s Leadership Institute in Denver had graduated ten classes with spectacular results— 75% of our Graduates have received promotions.

Wow!! What a year! Beginning with the retreat, I met all of these wonderful, high-energy leaders in the Denver area, and then got to work with them at the monthly workshops. What an amazing gift!! The time has gone so fast. Obviously others saw my new confidence and skills because I got a promotion!

Christine White, Director of Quality Services
Coors Brewing Co.

Many more Women Leadership Institutes are needed. As “Annie Appleseed”, Lois Hart will next “plants seeds” throughout the United States. Her vision on a napkin to advance women in leadership positions is alive and growing.

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