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From The Womens Leadership Institute Graduates

Kris Britton, Xcel Energy — I did not realize the true value of inspiring vision until WLI. ‘Inspiring Vision’ helped me to align activities with those people I work with. I learned the importance of documenting and re-visiting vision, but most importantly, sharing it constantly.

Networking is a skill that was non-existent for me until WLI helped me demystify it. In less than one year, my professional and personal network increased dramatically. Because of my new network, I get things accomplished more effectively by tapping into it and plugging others into my network of resources to help them with their needs. Networking has also allowed me to give back to others.

Sandra Kong, TIAA-CREF — I have become more focused and determined. I no longer walk away from uncomfortable situations. I am bolder about addressing issues. What I attained from WLI is the confidence I needed to be a more effective leader.

Deb Morton, McDATA — One of the greatest gifts I received from WLI was getting myself back. Maybe a better way to say it is, I can be myself and succeed. I'm aware of so many more options in terms of dealing with conflict, entering a conference room, facilitating agreement, understanding the importance of vision, and making connections. I feel like I have choices and options in charting my course.

Monica Hahn, Aramark — I looked around and there was no other program out there that offered the same combination of content, application, and coaching. WLI spread it over a year, giving me a chance to apply what I’d learned (with my Coach’s help) in between sessions. For me the professional development planning was the most important and valuable part of the program!! The coaching really enabled me to customize the program to my individual and corporate needs. On another front, it can be lonely at the top – the further you move up the corporate ladder, the fewer people you know who are at your own level. WLI offered me a network of professionals to learn, grow and laugh with.

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