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   The WLI Program Design
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How WLI Develops Women into Leaders

The Women’s Leadership Institute expands women’s leadership abilities with a comprehensive approach to leadership development over a whole year.

An Institute Coach is assigned to each Participant and serves as the main link between the Participant and the other components of the Women's Leadership Institute.

WLI believes that for a woman to truly succeed in applying leadership skills and achieving promotions, her Manager must be a partner, working closely with the Coach to support the Participant’s leadership development.

Each Participant is shown how to find a Mentor, either from within her company or her professional field. While the Mentor guides the Participant, he/she also interacts with the Institute Coach.

Customized coaching occurs when a woman needs additional assistance in specific job skills or issues. In these cases, expert Resource People act as short-term advisors to the Participant.

Participants attend monthly Workshops to learn the core leadership competencies and to network with other businesswomen. Between workshops, Participants have assignments that immediately apply to their work.

Additionally, executives from the Participants’ companies (including the Participant’s Manager and Mentor) attend the annual Organizational Practices seminar to learn about corporate policies, initiatives and programs used to develop, promote, and retain women leaders.

The Leadership Development Design

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