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   The Women’s Leadership Institute
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A Unique and Comprehensive
Leadership Development Model

With extensive experience as a leadership trainer, consultant, researcher and author, Dr. Lois Hart knows what is needed to develop leaders. She used this knowledge to found the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI), a full year of direct involvement (teaching, training and coaching) with women managers who want to move up into higher levels of leadership.

The WLI development model integrates six components to provide the richest impact on the Institute’s participants. These include weekly executive coaching plus involvement with the participants’ managers and mentors, linking participants to resource people for short-term assistance, monthly day-long highly interactive training workshops, and an organization program that identifies the best practices found in “women-friendly” companies. The elements of WLI benefit not only the participants, but the participants’ employers, in such areas as the retention of women leaders and ensured application of learning.

"For 10 years I believed my desire and my ability to manage teams and achieve corporate objectives was the way to move ahead in a corporate environment. WLI has shown me an entirely different side of corporate leadership— in some areas I did not even know existed. I now have the leadership tools to compete with others who create the game and I am enjoying it more than ever."

- Victoria Hatfield, Director of Marketing, Orica USA

Vickie Hatfield, Director of Marketing
Orica USA.

We’re Going National.

Through the generous philanthropy of Lois and Arn Hart, the Courageous Leadership Consortium can now help you plan, launch and administer the WLI program at costs that are low for you, as we are underwriting them.

Through CLC, we are seeking companies, women’s organizations, as well as universities and colleges who will replicate the proven Women’s Leadership Institute model.

Trainers, consultants, and educational organizations that already have clients are welcome to discuss with us how both you and your clients will benefit from this generous offer from CLC.


Our Herstory 

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