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   The Workshops
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Monthly Leadership Workshops

Participants initially attend a three-day retreat. The remaining one-day workshops are held approximately every four weeks. During the 100+ hours of training, adult learning and accelerated learning methods are used to ensure that Participants quickly grasp and then apply the lessons. The wisdom of guest Executive Women enriches many training sessions.

WLI Participants are given work place assignments to apply what they learned and prepare for upcoming workshop sessions.

Participants will—

  • Apply cutting-edge leadership theory to succeed in business.
  • Learn skills based on the Kouzes and Posner leadership model and their 360 Leadership Practices Inventory.
  • Clarify values and beliefs.
  • Lead with a shared vision.
  • Stay abreast of change and technology with innovative practices.
  • Be more comfortable taking well thought out risks.
  • Take decisive action and plan strategically.
  • Solve ethical dilemmas.
  • Gain political savvy and contacts.
  • Practice proven networking skills.
  • Negotiate with confidence.
  • Communicate with effective conflict resolution and presentation skills.
  • Coach and empower employees appropriately.
  • Integrate best practices to lead diverse employees.
  • Address gender based issues and behaviors.
  • Use Emotional Intelligence to increase overall effectiveness.
  • Create balance in their personal and professional lives.
  • Recognize and Celebrate individual and team achievements.

Breaking Glass To Breaking Through

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